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Pillbox made out of stainless DSC®-inox in the pattern "torsion" or "wild damascus". A high-quality product from the BALBACHDAMAST-line. DSC stands for “Damascus Steel SuperClean”, entered as a trademark at the German Trademark and Patent Office. Each piece is unique, since an identical pattern control of the pillboxes is not possible. The wild damascus is forged by hand for every box. The Pillbox is hollow-turned and consists of two parts, which can be screwed through a fine thread. A silcon ring specially designed for this boxes serves as a safety device that the lower jaw part can not easily come loose in the screwed state and at the same time serves as a seal so that the contents of the jar is protected against moisture. The silicone ring is manufactured according to FDA (Food and Drug Administration) quality for food and medicine. The damascus steel of the box is hardened in vacuum to 59 HRC, then polished and then etched by hand. Due to the high hardness, the surface is very scratch-resistant and the necessary rust inertia is adjusted. The damascus steel of this product is food-safe. The total length is approx. 45mm, the diameter 18mm. Delivered in a hatch including a flat stainless steel key ring, a certificate and a red and a black seal. Shipping is without key!


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